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My Village Part 1:

The Bear/Glasgow YMCA has been pivotal in my journey. The day after I separated with my ex, I joined the Y. My baby was 2 months old. The ladies in the infant room took him in and loved him to pieces. The folks in the toddler room did the same. They both had an amazing impact on my children and me. Because I didn’t work last year and my ex was miles and miles away, the only break I really received from the babies was my time at the Y. I don’t know if they’ll ever even know the true positive impact they had on me and my little family. My heart was so broken and there were days I didn’t even know how I’d get through if it weren’t for my little escape at the YMCA.

As the year went on, the weather warmed up and I had lost my “baby weight” as a result of my time at the Y. Soon the pool opened and our new routine was to “play/workout” then scrub on the sunscreen and hit the pool. Many times the baby would take a nap in the shade while I played with my toddler in a bikini. I have to say, that was a rewarding feeling. That was the beginning of the “New Mel.”

On top of it, because I was was basically left penniless, I was approved for a low-income rate. There were definitely times I couldn’t have paid the full monthly family amount. Now that I’m back on my feet and back to work, it is certainly in my plan to repay this amazing organization. 

It is so important to remember our blessings during the holiday season and this organization is certainly a blessing for us. I am so grateful to all the warm hearts who encounter myself and my children every day at the Y. The smiling faces never falter even though I usually walk in with my little resting/discheveled face. There are so many. This post is most applicable today because my children are going to play, meet Santa, and participate in a tumbling class at the Y. This is time we can spend together as a little family and it also helps keep my mind focused on what is important, my blessings. 

1 thought on “My Village Part 1:”

  1. Thank you 😊 this means so much ! We enjoy all the little one we get to enjoy at the Ymca , so glad we could help in any way we could.miss seeing you all, so glad things are improving for you. you are a very strong and caring person. Thank you for your kind words


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