About Me (Mommy Mels)

My Villiage Cont. 

Last night I had the opportunity for the first time to join the 9th annual Papili Christmas party. Now I’m not sure what I was doing the first 2 years, but the last 6 I was away with my ex and living out of state. I am overwhelmed with the blessings I receive daily by having moved “home” with my children. This morning I ran out to get some much needed coffee after that party and being in Wawa, during Christmas and on game day (GO BIRDS!) is so wonderful. Even more so is the love I have received over the last 15+ years from this family of 5 strong, beautiful, supportive women. Thanks for reading my blog ladies, and for keeping a smile on my face.

Now granted, one Papili claims she didn’t know I am an English teacher – but let me add that I am also a special education teacher-duel certified! This year is my first contractual year that on paper I am listed as special educator. This was a career goal I have been working towards for about 5-6 years. The most beautiful part of this success is that it happened at the very same place I started my career in 2006.

Elkton High has also been a God send for me. This summer I was offered a position back at the school where I spent the happiest years in my career. I have a new position that is a better fit for me and my principal has told me that he thinks I have found “my true calling.” Instead of teaching large honors classes, I now teach English to small classes of unique learners and high-risk students. The opportunity I have to create relationships with my students and boost their self- esteem is priceless.

On top of it, the morale at this school is the best I’ve seen at this school or any other I’ve worked. Megan asked me how school has been, if the students were nuts and staff grumpy- the typical anticipated attitude right before break and I had to say no! In fact, the next morning, we were having a staff breakfast so I was excited! This week we have a different theme to dress each day. It’s such a wonderful place to work that I really miss it when we have long breaks. This place has given me purpose again by allowing me to utalize my talents and connect with like-minded people and colleagues. I love being a mom full time but I am not in a place to stay home with my children anymore. My true blessing is that I never even feel like I am working.

So thank you Pips, Eagles (even after another L), Wawa, and the Elkton High community to help make me whole again. 🎅🏼

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