Co-Parenting with a Narcissist

Dealing with what I was dealt…

So this time last year, as I mentioned, I was trying to work things out with my soon-to-be ex husband.  Since it was the holidays, we were trying to save face and keep it together in front of family.  It was nearly impossible.  Looking back, my mother has told me that she could sense it was falling apart. Long story short, I went to the ends of the Earth (or America- Louisiana to be exact) to try to save my marriage.  He was working in LA for a bit and we drove down as a family to be together.  The girlfriend was also down there.  It took 10 days before I found them together.  I can’t say I regret that decision because I had to try.  I couldn’t stand the thought of the destruction of my family.

Well, FF to today, he was out of our lives for 8 months after that.  In October 2016, my ex moved 3 miles away to try to be near his children.  It doesn’t work for us at all because we just can’t get along.  This entire page and just about everything I do day to day is an attempt to deal with the cards I was dealt.  I have week moments.  Today my children are with him.  My nanny is at his house, and he is letting his new girlfriend babysit them after she leaves.  There is nothing I can do about it. It’s out of my hands.  I do know that fighting is horrible for my children.  They do not see us fight, in fact, we don’t even see each other much.  I try my best.  I block him so I’m not tempted to text him but then when he eases up, I unblock him.  It’s cyclical and not working.  I’m at a loss in terms of how to deal with him.  I have a list of things I need to process so I think if I get through this list, maybe I can?

Him cheating thumbs-ups

Him being a con-artist (lies constantly)

The girl he left me for thumbs-ups

The new girlfriend👍🏼

His Tinder Accounts/Obsession/Ridiculous amounts of encounters since we split👍🏼

My kitchen (he has ALL of “our” property-gifts from my family only)

All of my house decor

Sharing Custody👍🏼

Him -in general- being a dirt bag

He ruined my finances👍🏼

*thumbs-upsdenotes cards I’ve processed


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