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My Birthday Related Post…

Per request of one of my biggest fans- my Heather.  What is so beautiful about this birthday is where I am today, compared to last year.  Although I’m a HUGE proponent for breastfeeding- I no longer have a baby on my boob which makes for a different birthday all together! Instead of a short, stressful time away from my kids,  I’m headed to D.C. over the weekend to spend time with my FAVORITE people, my family.

My extended family and I are very close.  My cousins are more like siblings and my aunts and uncles are surrogate parents.  Well- I’ll give it to my mom’s youngest bro and his amazing wife- they’re a little too young to be my parents but the support me and my children have received from them is a HUGE reason I was able to get through last year.  My family came to my house and packed it up FOR me.  I had a 3 month old baby and was in no state of mind to even wrap my head around that task.  I’ll be the first to admit that I had to be forced to do things last year because I only felt capable of going to the Y and home, and sleeping when my kids slept.  It was rough.  But then the sun came back out and if it we’re for my family it would have been dark a lot longer.  When my mom was sick, my aunt sent her an ENORMOUS bouquet of flowers the week of every treatment.  Everyone made meals for us and did all they could to help us make it through that rough summer.  So when I was asked what I wanted to do for my birthday this year, I said I wanted to spend time with those beautiful babies and my family.  I am so blessed, SO BLESSED to have family.  We’re actually clannish, as my mom says.

I am also so pleased that I’ve been able to inspire and help some who have read my blog.  I feel a moral obligation to share my story because it is a beautiful one, and I’ve said many times that had no one shared with me- I’d still be lost.  This story has brought me so many gifts in the form of friends and relationships.  This year is going to be another year of growth- but big girl growth this year.  I’ll have my own house again that I am going to make and keep beautiful for my boys. I also have some amazing trips coming up- to see my bestie in Boston and celebrate Kelly in Vegas…

Don’t get me wrong- I still have my moments… it’s hard as hell to feed and bathe and get two kids in bed alone… but my heart is so full.

Here’s me, on my birthday, spending time with some of my other favorite people before it’s mommy time…

2 thoughts on “My Birthday Related Post…”

  1. Your such an addition to our staff. So glad you are back and your room is close to mine. Hold your head up high. Stay strong and trust God.


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