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Plot Twist

I have found myself in a serious diet/fitness rut.  I had total break through at the park in terms of my muscle growth but I’m still feeling bored.

My original plan was to “bulk” through the end of February, then maybe March since I don’t feel like I’ve put on any serious muscle weight… but then the inevitable happened during bulking and I feel strong, but fluffy.  I know that I’m not, but what happened was, I got bored and kinda quit my bulking in the 7th-8th week.  In order for bulking to work, I needed to lift all compound movements in the gym, cut out cardio, and eat at least 180-200 g/protein a day.  I also needed to eat clean in general.  I did this successfully for around 8 weeks.  Today is 2/22 and I can’t take it a day longer!  I need to either start my next phase today, or just screw it until March 1.  I have decided to compromise and give myself until Monday 2/27.  Diets always start on Mondays, right?  Ha! The GREAT news is that on my first run in 3-4 months, I realized that all the work I put in paid off because I ran 2.5 miles effortlessly.

I was a runner before having children and the pregnancies seemed to ruin my hips and back.  I’ve come back from the back injury from my first but my hips still kill me from #2.  Religious foam rolling helps.  I am also about as finicky about running as I am about food/men/wine/life in general.  I loathe running with a stroller, but I still will if I need to… I refuse to run in the bitter cold and I also refuse to run on a boring treadmill.  That being said, in November, I could barely run 2 miles without stopping about every .5-.7 miles to breathe! It was terrible.  I signed up for a 5 K with my girls in May so that I had something small to work towards.

I don’t need to worry about running because it turns out that all the muscle work I’ve done since December made it no feat for me.  It feels amazing.  The best part is that in order to cut, I need to add cardio and thanks to Global Warming, I can start now!  I only have about 2 days a week that I can run but that works.  I add cardio in other ways at the Y.

My diet is going to go back to about 1850 calories on “off”days and at least 2000 calories on days I work out. I will probably just cut out carbs during my lunch and replace them with veggies.  Everything else will stay, especially my protein intake. Someone asked me about macros and this is a great article:

Macros Info

I am still planning on starting my cutting diet on Monday 2/27 and so excited to start a new exercise regime. It is going to consist of more cardio, weekly yoga, and lifting more isolated movements. 

Monday: 2.6 mi run, yoga 

Tuesday: chest day, 16 min stepper (HAM intervals) 

Wednesday: back day, 16 min cardio

Thursday: 2.6 mi run  and shoulders

Friday: legs

Saturday: arms 

Sunday: off

FF to Saturday the 24th and I’m headed to Boston for the weekend. Very excited to see some amazing people who have been rooting for me in my journey. Life is so beautiful (side note). I am not going to worry about my diet at all this weekend because I don’t let food or anything for that matter, life. This weekend is about coming back to myself and reconnecting with amazing friends I haven’t seen in years… a perfect plot twist. My best friend of 19 years is always good for that… a little prelude to our 20th anniversary celebration vacation next year. Cheers to besties, babies, and hard work that pays off! 

Ready for take off! 

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