About Me (Mommy Mels)


Ali Kate called me out last weekend for not blogging anymore… I remember asking her what she wanted to read about-but not her response.  I found my voice as I was scrolling through my own Facebook page instead of getting ready for work this morning.

It’s insane to me how much we can evolve in one month.  My last blog post was right after I returned from a trip to see my best friend in Boston. The trip must have really been a reset for me because I feel like I’ve changed so much in one month.

In terms of my diet, I’m “cutting” and eating a lot less- ridiculous amounts of protein still.  Struggling to get all of my workouts in because I’m so busy with my little guys and my social life.  Not complaining.

I have been spending my time doing things that suit me the best.  I had dinner this week with all of my best friends, celebrating my #1 not once, but twice this week.  Meeting new people,  getting baby boy hair cuts, catching up with old friends,  embracing professional development opportunities at work, focusing on and getting to the beginning of the forth and final marking period.  Dating a little … : )

What I have left behind is any traces of negativity from my old life.  I sold my house last week which was the final transaction in my marriage.  I omit my ex from my life as much as possible because we still have some raw negative feelings towards each other.  I try to omit him from conversations although I guess some wine may bring that up from time to time. I get along well with his girlfriend so we do most of the communicating.  I have also omitted anyone who brought negative energy to my life.  My new life was a gift and I don’t have time to have anyone threaten that for me.  We will evolve.  Not everyone evolves with us…

I am constantly reminded of the people who have evolved with me and the immense support I’ve received from them.  The lead secretary calls me “gorgeous” when she is looking for me- not because she thinks I am- but because she at school loves how all of my things call me “beautiful” or “gorgeous.”  My lunch bag from my sister-cousin says “you’re beautiful, don’t change.”  My coffee mug from Katy/Boston bestie says “Hello Gorgeous.” These are some of the things that symbolize the support I’ve received throughout the last year.  It took me a year to get through the mess but I’m through it and past it and life is beautiful.

Happy Friday, friends.

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