About Me (Mommy Mels)

What you can expect with a 5-day cleanse (of your own design)

In my last post, I listed 6 changes that I wanted to make to sort of re-focus my goals.  After about 3 days I realized I needed a straight detox from my vices.

For 5 days, I decided to give up/obstain from the following:


Any white flour products

ANY spending


Caffeine (no more than 2 c/day-I’m still a working single mom who needs to be able to function)

By the end of the 5 days I felt like a different person.  I thought the first Friday with no wine would be miserable but I was so totally engaged with my children that I didn’t even have time to think about it.  It was easy not to spend any money- just a little habit breaking.  I skipped Starbucks on the way to the Y on Saturday, but since I was cutting down on coffee, it all worked together. Most importantly, my brain fog went away.  I am still getting sinus headaches, but nothing like the head cloud I had been suffering from.  Skipping sugar meant that I spent less time in my building coordinators office because she keeps a huge jar of amazing candy in her office.  That is tough because we’re great girlfriends.  Again, this was just a matter of breaking a habit.

Everything worked together to sort-of re-ground me… I like the replenished feeling I get when I mix things up.  As a working, single-mom I easily get caught up in my kids and busy life, that I forget to practice self-care.  I work out for the endorphins and I eat well for the energy, but I don’t often sit back and assess what my lifestyle does for me.  It is a great practice to sit back and reflect upon what is working for you, and by YOU I mean your PERSON- not mom, teacher, friend (in my case) -but my soul.

I have never felt better than I have those five days… I also feel the need to clarify that although I write about fitness and a healthy lifestyle, it is merely an interest to me.  My lifestyle and dieting does not define me in anyway.

That being said, it has been about a month since my little “re-group” and I am starting a 15-day challenge on Monday, June 5th.  This challenge can be found here:


What I love MOST about this challenge is that it is entirely created by women.  As most know, I’m a huge feminist so that is a bonus for me.  Also, I work out aside men every day- it’s the WOMEN I see in the gym that make me feel the drive… We’re just too different to compare… stay tuned: )

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