About Me (Mommy Mels)

What it means to be a BOSS

What makes someone a boss?

Being humble and taking care of shit.

Every day I strive to be a boss lady. I no longer desire to be THE boss lady… but maybe someday? In the meantime I’m not even working towards the classes that would require.

So what am I doing? I’m humble AF and know that all I have is a blessing. I only became a boss after I lost it all and had to work to get it all back. There’s my humble piece.

Taking care of shit is a whole other realm of responsibility.

On New Years Eve, I had to show a girl at the bar that I was a boss. This beautiful tall millennial threw a little hissy fit because I “got in front of her” in line at the bar. First of all sweetheart, this is a bar, there is no line. Second of all, what are you drinking? Two Long Islands. Got it… two seconds and smiles later, drinks in hand. Are you paying for my drinks? Yes. Thank you! Kiss? Sure. Happy New Year!! Darling, real women don’t speak to each other like that. Happy New Year.

The next morning, my sweets wanted to know how the heck I had a $54 tab for two drinks for us?! Love, I had to show a girl what is like to be a boss. Wow Mel, that’s an expensive lesson.

It was, but I have that money because I work HARD for it. In the New Year, I’m tightening up even more because a boss takes care of shit. My children will always be taken care of before me and as I’ve always be taught to worry about the future, I am buggin a little about paying for college etc. My children will know what it was like to be raised by a boss – JUST like I was- and in addition, I’m a Lady Boss. They will respect the hell out of women as well.

The other day my 4 – year -old received a lesson on doing laundry. Again- I was taking care of shit. Putting their clothes in the laundry basket is one of their nightly chores. One they won’t receive training on from their father- that was my bad. Before I was a boss- this is MY LIFE and it is beautiful.

Be a boss.

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