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Feeling lonely? Start a dinner club!

I first heard of the idea of a dinner club from one of my great high school friends, who lives too far from me to ever join hers…

Dinner club?  How’s that work?  Do you do a theme?  I had so many questions; it sounded like so much fun and included my fav, wine.

These ideas coincided with the fact that my best friend kept telling me I needed to get involved in something.  She suggested an adult-sports league, fitness classes, something to get me meeting new people.  Finally, I came across this article:

I Started a Dinner Club and It Changed My Life

It’s a fabulous article detailing what one woman did for her dinner club, and the wonderful effects it had on her life.

I live pretty close to my job so I have local friends from work. My high school friends aren’t that close to me and are always busy.  My college friends are all over an hour away, although we do get together at least bi-monthly.  I was in need of some friends.

What I did have, however, were friends scattered here and there that were both local and fabulous.  I went through my contacts and I invited all women that I thought might be interested.

My first step was my interest email.  I received about 10 interest responses.  I invited women who I vibe with but don’t always have the chance to spend time with.  I invited one work friend who has one little girl and no other mom friends.  I invited my neighbor across the street because she’s the sweetest woman I know.  I reached out to friends wives and T-ball moms.  I invited one other single friend from high school.  I even invited the girl that does my facials.

From the interest email I started an invite.  I chose the theme, steak and potatoes, because I was going to host the first dinner club and I wanted to make it a little easy.  I ended up burning my reduction and setting off the fire alarm anyway.  It was perfect.  We ended up with 4 of us that first night and it was fabulous wine talk about men, husbands, kids, and womanhood.

The next Dinner Club we held was about a month later.  We had a fabulous dinner at one of our members river house… it was beautiful.  Collectively, we chose a Hawaiian theme.  I brought Hawaiian coleslaw and pineapple adult drinks.  This time we had 7 women.  Some were quiet, some were cooking, but the conversation and drinks were flowing.

We haven’t been able to get together since August because we all have difficult schedules.  I think what you need to have is a commitment that you keep to one another.  I am going to try to add some more women to our group and have something when I’m off for the holidays.  I am off in the summer so planning two dinner clubs was easy.  Throw me back into work and two small kids in school and it’s so easy to let it slide.  You need women (or men) who are willing to host as well.  Right now, we only have 2 people willing to host and that can be difficult.  I also like to invite people who may need an outlet like I did. I was in a “Summer of Mel” that involved of lot of travel and self-reflection.  I needed to be around positive vibes.  I got exactly that from my dinner club.

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