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Black Friday Thankful – In January!

I started this post in late November:

“This Friday, “Black Friday,” will make it four years since I said goodbye to my old life and was forced to embrace a new one, as a single parent.  It can’t believe it has been four years, and I am so blessed to report how full my life has become.

I have spent most of these four years reluctant to date or find a relationship because I was convinced I was living in the “land of the leftovers.”  I had no choice but to focus on the fun aspects of dating and enjoy it’s entertainment value.  I really did embrace this.  I’ve talked to friends about how dreadful it was and I went on many first dates.  At the end of the day, my true gut feeling was that I was blessed to have this time to focus on my children, and when the time was right I would find the one…the “last” one.

I have found so much more than that in my years as a single mom. I have found a wonderful man who has been what I’ve always known was possible.  I have had an amazing support system and with that, came a full circle moment with my best friend and my boyfriend – whom have known each other for 20 years.”

Fast forward to January 23… I found this post in my drafts and left it as it.  We had a fabulous night out with Kate and Ricky on the “Black Friday” that we had our first couples date together.  They love Mark’s addition to our dynamic and he continues to make me very happy.  We’ve been enjoying the early stages of our relationship and all of the new experiences we’ve shared.

In the first few months of our relationship, we’ve introduced our children and have met each other’s former spouses.  We have gone slowly through these uncharted waters, and continue to stick together.  The best and most amazing part of Mark is that he will not quit.  He has made it abundantly clear that he knows how difficult it is to find a partner in this crazy life post-divorce, and he’s serious about making it work.

We have three boys together when all is combined, and that has brought a lot of fun, and it’s own set of challenges. Mark’s son is an only child.  My children are thick as thieves and yet can be SO mean to each other.  The three boys have a blast together and also fight.  At the end of the day, we enjoy our time all together and our couple time that we get every other weekend.

I think what I’ve learned is that it will be a long road for us…but a really fun one. We are in no hurry to push a new family onto our kids.  We just want to have fun together.  That can be hard given each of their wants and needs but I think we’re doing well.  I also appreciate having such a great partner to run my ideas by.  Now to work on getting him to cook more for me… : )


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