Co-Parenting with a Narcissist

Vacation in Arrears

I started this post a while ago, not because my ex was going on his second exotic vacation this year, (he is) but because I am disgusted with the child support system my family has had to deal with.

Then I came across this across this article:

Travel Ban for Parents Who Don’t Pay Child Support

Interesting article from Australia.  The problem with the article is that it only takes one’s Passport.  How about a driver’s license?  If he is over 45 days late.  This means NO payment has been made in 45 days… and this is only if the custodial parent has gone to court to have the case enforced.  This process can take over a year.

What am I even talking about?  I can only speak for the system in Maryland.  I actually don’t live in Maryland, but couldn’t have my case transferred to my state until it was enforced in Maryland.   The social worker’s manager told me they had no way to verify payments already made.   I tried for a year. Called weekly and even offered to go to the social workers office to log into my MD Human Resources account to verify payments.  I offered to send my bank statements.  After a year of calling and meeting and sending paperwork, I conceded my loss and applied for enforcement in Maryland.  I had been avoiding this task because I knew it meant having to drive two hours away to the county our case had been heard.

To clarify, I had a “collect and disperse” case.  When I was divorced, the one thing the state did in my favor was explain that it was my right to request my ex’s wages be garnished for support payments.  At that point, I had never received regular payments so that was the arrangement, they would be garnished from his checks.  When he decides not to work, because he’s in full-commission sales, my children do not receive support.  Arrears added up, and the only way to have that addressed is to have the case enforced.  Ok, problem solved.  Except that process also took a year.  I applied; the application was lost.  I called; she sent me a paper copy.  I verified my payment.  Finally.  After a few months, we had a date.  My ex husband and I sat down with the assistant DA and agreed on a number he owed the children.  This would be resolved by adding to his monthly payments until the arrears were paid off.  The payments would now be 15% more.

That’s it!  That is it.  Two years, balanced hasn’t changed.  The weekly payment is more, when I receive it.  Now, what happens when I receive $60 for the children over two weeks instead of $600 I need to help pay for childcare?  Nothing.  If he doesn’t work, I don’t receive support.  In the words of my attorney, “That’s the system.  I didn’t say it’s a good system.”

What happens when he spends $4,000 on vacation but owes his children $6,000?  Nothing.  Two separate cases. I could go on and on but my point is to expose a flawed system.

About Me (Mommy Mels)

Three Rotations Around the Sun

Ok so while I don’t write at work, I’m doing hall duty and it’s far too distracting to get anything worthwhile done.  Our kids are awesome- don’t get me wrong.  Our systems have narrowed it down to just a few that don’t follow policies but I’m blessed to have fans who stop and chat with me on their way to the bathroom while I’m out here.

This past Thanksgiving marked three years since my ex “Ninja Vanished” on us. I could not be at a better place. I am blessed to spend the majority of my time with my children and I feel like I have mastered the art of making the most of my time while they are with their dad.  I’ve realized that the best way to spend my time is in self-care.  Many times that means I’ll fill my night up with the gym, maybe some sushi take-out, and cleaning or organizing my house.  Maybe one night a week I’ll go out to dinner with work friends.  I also go to bed early and catch up on uninterrupted sleep.  It’s not always easy- especially because as I write this- tonight is a Monday and they are headed to dad’s tonight… I’ll miss them, and never a day goes by where my heart doesn’t ache without them.  But, alas, it is what it is.  I’m doing the best I can.

I can say, that as long as I am with my children, I am as happy as I could be.  I have short, short moments when a friend in a happy marriage gets to do something incredible with her husband and I think- How did I screw that up so badly?  But- they’re short.  I had some entertaining insight this weekend when my ex accidentally sent me a long list of screenshots taken of our conversations…including his call log…to show his girlfriend all of our correspondence.  Whoopsie on his end!  I had to call him out- my mom yelled at me for even responding- but it was an impulse thing.  I just said “wow” and “why doesn’t she realize I’m the LAST person on Earth she would need to worry about?” and “It’s sad, and why would she want to isolate herself from me?” That about covers my reaction.  And it was exactly that.  A reaction.

I had to reel myself in and remind myself that I am not dealing with sane people.  My ex-husband has a personality disorder and as my mom reminded me, his girlfriend takes her clothes off for money- clearly not a stable person.  She is very threatened by me- a concept I understand but nonetheless cannot wrap my head around.  Immediately after my reaction, it was turned to “my fault.”  “Because of things I’ve said in the past” she needs to know all that is said between us.  I can’t even remember what I could have said- but the point is, that is a typical response from a Narcissist.  It has nothing to do with me, but he must deflect his  shortcomings onto me.  That is how he functions.  In addition, I found out that he has me in his phone as “Lucifer” with the middle-finger emoji next to it.  Again, his shortcomings, not mine.  It is sad that I have to share my children with someone who has such blatant disrespect, but this is the cross I have to bear.  I wouldn’t trade my children for anything in the world and I have an incredible support system to remind me of all of my blessings when I’m faced with any abuse from their father.  It’s up to me to react to him.  Reacting to him is acknowledging the abuse.  I need to remember that next time.  Sorry mom, you were right.  As always.

As we go into the holidays, it’s amazing to reflect on where I’ve been and where I am now.  I have no pain in my heart like I have in previous years.  I have only joy when I’m with my children and family.  I do not feel like there is anything “missing” from our family, despite my being a single- parent.

On a side note- This past weekend my mom brought some wrapping paper to my house and it was exactly the roll from Walmart that I was going to get…until I saw a better deal with four rolls for the same price.  It took some searching, but I’ve realized that she and I are about the same person.  I can’t think of someone else I’d rather emulate.

Dating 101 at 36 with Little Ones at Home...

7 Laughable Characteristics You’ll See if You’re Online Dating (exclusively Bumble) at 35

OK, this is a blog I’ve been working on for a while… I consulted with friends older and younger than me… and I’m between considering it a PSA to the men out there and just plain ol’ entertainment for my sis’s that are in the same boat as me.  Disclaimer, this post can sound a little judgy to those who choose plural marriage.

  1. If you’re 34, I’m 35. I have my (old) Bumble profile set between the ages or 32 and 42… I’m 35.  That should be right in the middle.  I come across men every now and then that have “34” listed as their age…they might look 45… and it’s just laughable.
  2. Your kids have been through enough; keep them off of Bumble! First of all, if you’re on Bumble, you most likely are not committed to the mother of your children.  That has it’s on complications, don’t make more for your children by posting selfies with them on your dating profile!  Second, I don’t want to see your kids, just like I don’t want to meet them, unless we are dating.  If we go out and I ask to see a picture of your children, that’s different. Don’t post them for strangers to view.  Let them be innocent.
  3. The guessing game.  I will be completely honest here- I will not date someone who hasn’t graduated college.  I need security at this point in my life. I would make an exception if I met someone with a solid trade in a union etc.  Please don’t make me guess.  I had a guy who said he was a teacher, but when we chatted, it turns out he never finished college and worked as a paraprofessional.  I almost married a guy like that.  Bullet dodged.  Just give enough in your profile so that potential swipers have an idea about your career and values.
  4. “You statements”  You need to live life to the fullest. Just stop. I’m not on here for advice honey, and I clearly don’t take it anyway or I wouldn’t be in this position in the first place.
  5. Jean Shorts. Never OK.  Never.  I see some on my high school students but they’re high school students. Please stop.  Throw them away or send pack to the 90’s.
  6. Fish Pics. This one is debatable.  I don’t mind them so much, but EVERY MAN has one… nice tuna.
  7. Negative Nancy. New to this app, all the same, same results.  I think I took that right from a guy’s profile. I was thinking, “oh that really makes me want to reach out and talk to your cynical ass!” Oh and the punctuation was wrong.


P.S. I’ve recently found “Hinge” as an alternative.  I’m still shook over a bumble date with a “38 year old” who admitted he’s really 52.

Co-Parenting with a Narcissist

A Narcissistic Co-Parent

OK, to the nudge of a good friend who’s been there through it all for me…I am going to finish my post on dealing with a Narcissistic Co-Parent.  I have always known that my ex (well since the point in which he showed his true colors) was a Narcissist…but it wasn’t exactly an a-ha moment until I started my research.

I came across this amazing article on Facebook…

New Research Says Anxiety Disorders And Depression Are Linked To Narcissistic Abuse

When I read this article, I began to realize exactly why my ex and his flying monkey (girlfriend) are able to make me feel so terrible.  It was life-changing.  The article, along with the fact that none of us were getting along, prompted me to go to a therapist to seek help in co-parenting with very uncompromising people.  At first I was drawn to the article because I have very situational anxiety.  I never had anxiety before I met my ex-husband.  When we were married, and even before that, I felt very anxious all of the time because I felt like I had all of our shared responsibility on my shoulders alone.  Still, my anxiety can be directly linked to him but I am able to recognize it and deal with it.

What was so astounding to me was the fact that both my ex and his girlfriend were constantly abusing me.  They are both awful to me, but he is very verbally and emotionally abusive.  Today, for example, he called me an “idiot” and “retarded” because of an email I wrote our son’s school asking if “my ex-husband” could please be added to the email distribution list.  He felt the need to write the administrative assistant back with “by ex-husband she means her son’s father.”  I was so embarrassed but mostly for him.  This is an example of his true, Narcissistic behavior.  It has nothing to do with our son.  He didn’t even use punctuation and yet accused me of not being professional.  Nothing to do with our son.  This was simply a need for him to receive attention and try to make me look bad because that makes him actually feel good.

Narcissists lie and sabotage others to feel better about themselves.  I know all of my ex’s weaknesses and insecurities.  I know that they exist, even though he strives to portray the idea that he has none.  I bought this book at the beach that I posted on my Instagram and it guided me through endless situations that I have been through with this man that exemplify a Narcissist.

Once I was able to put a name to this abuse I was receiving, I was able to put a stop to it.  I have had amazing support from my friends and family, but seeing a professional about the situation helped me realize that I’m not crazy, I’m dealing with someone with a disorder. His main goal in life is to make me feel crazy.  She simply said, “You tell him you will discuss “who, what, where, when” about the children and only communicate with the girlfriend in emergency situations.  I have stood by this policy since then and my “care-factor” has greatly decreased.  Before, I was wound up in the idea that enough time has passed, we should all be civil and friendly.  Now, I know that is simply not possible and I accept that.  I could never be friends with him.  He is a Narcissist who, when “done” with the people he’s dealing with, chews them up and spits them out.  He uses people for what they have to offer him and when he’s not receiving anything else from the relationship, he cuts the person off.

Narcissists also have no empathy.  I used to assume this just meant that they can’t put themselves in another person’s shoes.  What it also means is that they simply do not care how other people feel.  They do not care because it does not serve them. He does not see anything wrong with how he abandoned his family because it positively affected him.  That made it OK… Narcissist’s do not concern themselves with how others feel unless it directly affects them.

I think a lot of men and women probably deal with Narcissists and don’t even realize it. Many are married to them. For a long time I used to just write off my ex-husband’s behavior by thinking he just has a “salesman’s personality.” Once I discovered my reality and behavior patterns to anticipate from him, his silly name calling and incessant anger towards me barely even phases me. It’s very freeing.

Co-Parenting with a Narcissist

City, Sea Air, Babies, and Gaslighting

I was so sad when I looked back at my blog and the last post was about me feeling off-balance.  I haven’t felt that way in so long!  I haven’t written since then because I have been having too much fun I guess?  What’s funny, is that I did write a blog about the humors and ironies of “Bumble” – the dating app.  The majority of this post (still saved in drafts) is a list of all the things I loathe about trying to find and meet a decent human, male specifically.  I deleted the app after canceling probably 4 dates with potentially decent humans.  Luckily for me, the one I was destined to meet, asked me for my number just prior to my deleting the app.  He’s wonderful.  I may have to show him my cynical “Bumble” post and see if there’s anything to add from the male perspective.

I cannot be thankful enough that I chose a profession that allows me to spend the whole summer with my children.  We have spent the summer back and forth between the beach, the city, and our pool.  We’ve laughed a lot and most importantly, caught up with all the lost time we experienced with my parents when my mom was receiving chemo treatments the last two summers.  Not enough can be said about an attitude of gratitude and the positive effects it can have on the soul.

What I am most thankful for is the answer I finally received in my heart about the father of my children.  Because I am in the most vulnerable state with him- he’s the person who cares for the center of my world from time to time- I feel like I’ve been in this bubble of his gaslighting – this is a form of abuse where the abuser makes the victim question his or her sanity and abilities to perceive reality.  For example, when we would disgree on something he would say these triggers such as “it’s all in your head” or his favorite, I’m “batshit crazy.” This came to my attention when I listened to an awesome podcast on “Stuff Your Mom Never Told You” – seriously, check it out.

Gaslighting 101

As the ladies in the podcast explain, it’s very freeing to be able to put a name to the treatment you’re receiving from someone.  This also started my investigation into Narcissism.  My ex is surely a Narcissist but some of the things I’ve been reading are really bringing to light how very naive I was in my marriage and how I can take control of my thoughts and feelings now.

Stay tuned : )

About Me (Mommy Mels)


When I talk to my friends about where I am in life, in terms of recovering from my divorce and being ready for something serious, my response is that I am still off-balance.  There is something that feels off still.  I don’t feel like I am ready for anything serious yet, but also, nothing in that category has come along.

Perhaps my heart was waiting for what it always knew…that my husband was always a cheater.  Recently, I had an a-ha moment.  By accident, my phone brought up a number that I had saved.  It was the number of a girl that used to work for my ex.  I had it in my phone because I used to help him with some administrative stuff with his job.  He fired the girl “because she went crazy and was telling crazy lies, like she wanted to tell you (me, his wife) that we slept together.” He even showed me the texts.  He said, “look at this lunatic and her lies!” She quit/got fired/whatever.  Never heard from her again.  I totally believe him.

Holy crap.  This asshole 100% slept with her.  This happened around Thanksgiving when we had an almost-1 year old and when, I believed, we were very happy.  Originally when we were breaking up and he had an affair, I always believed that it was because he became so unhappy.  That wasn’t the case.  He always cheated.

I will be honest, I tried reaching out to the girl.  I wanted some kind of corroboration to this story that left my heart hurting.  She has 4 different Facebook accounts.

This morning I came across this meme and boy does it hit home.

My ex recently had another baby with his current girlfriend.  Friends have wanted to know how I feel about that.  Indifferent about the baby and relationship, very sorry for the girlfriend.  I really feel like she is his next victim but she won’t have the cushion to land on that I did.  He’s winding himself up in another spiral of debt and over-committing to financial obligations that I know he can’t fulfill.

In no way to I miss my ex.  Being with him would be a total living nightmare.  I don’t even miss the “family dynamic” I thought I had anymore.  I am so happy with my little boys.  My soul, 2 years and some months later, is just still off – balance a little.  I have a very cynical view on men.  Many man I’ve gone on dates with have in fact cheated on their wives too.  Do they all cheat?  I have friends, married friends, who insist they do.  Who knows.  When I stop caring I’ll know that I am more balanced.  In the meantime, it’s momming and fun with friends and family.  I am feeling very positive about this summer as well!  How could I not?  I’m off for 9 weeks.

It takes a really long time to get through a divorce.  It’s not easy.

Dating 101 at 36 with Little Ones at Home...

Adventures in Dating as a 35-Year-Old- Single-Mom

OK… here are the facts:

  1. It’s hard
  2. It’s entertaining AF
  3. It’s STILL better than being married to a cheating ass

So I have officially been single for 2 years and divorced for 1.  I am right in the thick of my adult (single-parent) dating life.  Some really awesome things have happened to me.  I have an amazing support system that keeps me going and keeps me reminded of the fact that I am, under no circumstance, willing to settle.  My support comes from my family, my “Day Ones,” my college roomies, awesome work squad, and a few other amazing women who have always been there for me.  The most important things my village reminds me of is the fact that 1. Real men are out there 2. There are a lot of loser playboys out there and 3. I don’t need a damn either one of them. My friends and family are so much fun to be around that I truly do not feel like something is missing.

I was in a committed relationship for around 6 months with a man who was not ready to be in one.  His wounds were far too fresh and he often took this out on me.  It was difficult to identify this but as always, my people were there to help me. Eventually, I realized that, as my mom put it, “The right man will never make you cry.”  It was awful to let her see me cry but at the same time, it brought us closer and helped me realize that I had let my standards down for a few weeks and that is unacceptable.  I am first and foremost a mother and I am raising two boys to be men.  How dare I let them see me cry over someone who certainly wasn’t crying over me.

This actually ended at the right time, although I did wish I hadn’t let it go on as long as I did.  Either way, I made the decision to part ways with this fella and I have been undoubtly happier since.

Now I am dating.  I also have a few friends in the same boat and I have to say, if it is nothing else, it is entertaining AF! This a-ha moment came to me over margaritas last week with two girlfriends. Personally, I don’t want to spend a moment thinking about a man who isn’t swooning over me.  I mean, completely swooning.  Do I?  Occasionally – but definitely not currently.  My one friend is broken-hearted over a man who won’t commit to her because his family doesn’t approve of her.  My other lunch date has a ton of fun meeting new guys.  For some reason she cannot explain, she has caught feelings for her “F-boy” who is probably still hooking up with an ex and lies to her all the time.  My a-ha moment came when I realized that I am completely single and not waiting for or worrying about anyone texting me or not texting me.  I want to embrace this moment forever.  It is an amazing feeling.

That being said, I went out to dinner with a “friend” recently who has his own “stuff” he’s getting through.  I met a 25-year old at the bar who wanted to marry me but only after he checked with my bestie to make sure I’m “not a whore.”  I had 1 date with a dentist who wasn’t swooning over me, but asked me out again…only to not take me out again.  I have an old fling who wants to see me again but never drove anywhere when we saw each other before which is just strange… I also have a account I can’t figure out how to delete.  Why would I want to delete it?  Because those men all seem to want to cuff up and the free sites, like “Bumble” are full of men who only want to see pics of the play-by-play of my day.

The freedom of being single and happy?  I don’t have to pay attention to any of them.  Mr. Right will swoon over me, and that’s how I’ll know.